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better than your favorite indian restaurant

Our latest menu options for the great outdoors
  • Punjabi Rajma
    Punjabi Rajma
    Punjabi Rajma

    Punjabi Rajma

    Regular price $16.00
  • Moong Masoor Dhal
    Moong Masoor Dhal
    Moong Masoor Dhal

    Moong Masoor Dhal

    Regular price $16.00
  • Mango Lassi Fruit Leather
    Mango Lassi Fruit Leather
    Mango Lassi Fruit Leather

    Mango Lassi Fruit Leather

    Regular price $12.00
  • Lentil Pinni
    Lentil Pinni
    Lentil Pinni

    Lentil Pinni

    Regular price $6.00

unapologetically indian.

unapologetically flavorful.

About Panj River

The outdoor industry needed better Indian food. But more importantly, the outdoor industry needed more diversity.

I built Panj River Provisions as a celebration of my heritage - an homage to my roots of Punjab, India. And I'm bringing that celebration to the great outdoors.


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  • Embark Program - For Outdoor Founders — Founded Outdoors
  • “I love the rajma so much I wanna bring this to the office for lunch.”

  • “The yellow dhal is so warm and so comforting to eat after a long hike.”

  • “Excellent consistency.... I can’t believe how accurate the texture of the dhal is.”

  • “Eating rajma was the perfect way to end the night after hiking 10 miles with a 2500 ft elevation gain.”

  • “The yellow dhal is amazing - the spice blend is great with a medium-hot kick.”

  • “The flavor of the yellow dhal is on point.”

  • “Amazing flavor… I can taste the garam masala, the coriander… it is so authentic.”

  • “It’s really amazing - I can’t believe you got it to taste better than an Indian restaurant.”

  • “Heat level is on the money.”

  • “It has such a deep, complex flavor.”

  • “The seasoning on the chana masala is soooo right and the flavor is THERE.

  • “Way more tasty and interesting than Trader Joe’s or Tasty Bite.”

  • “I don’t know what seasoning you’re putting in this but I love it.”

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Find the most frequently asked questions below.

We do!! We make everything from scratch starting with the freshest ingredients, fair-trade spices from Diaspora Co., and dehydrate it ourselves. We make everything in small batches, made to order.

Our food is packaged in a way that is intended to achieve a long shelf life for years. However, we use recommended 'best by' dates within the 3-month to 6-month range to offer optimal taste. The expiration date of each meal is posted on the packaging.

For the Punjabi Rajma, Moong Masoor Dhal, and Amritsari Chole, simply mix with boiling water with the amount specified on the instructions. The Mango Lassi Fruit Leather and Pinni are ready-to-eat! No prep needed.

Not yet, but you will be able to soon. Our bags are compostable, but that also means that you cannot add boiling water to them. Please use any kind of heat-resistant container to mix our food with boiling water.

The packages are compostable! And the box containing the Pinni is recyclable. Please Leave No Trace and pack in / pack out all trash.

Directly from us! Shop online here or contact us directly!

We do not use any gluten or soy ingredients, and only our Pinni uses dairy. We do however cook out of a shared kitchen where there is gluten, soy, nuts, and dairy present. We clean and sanitize surfaces and equipment before use but we cannot guarantee that there will be no cross contamination.

All of our offerings, with the exception of our beloved Pinni, is vegan. That means we use no dairy or animal products in the ingredients. Our Pinni is vegetarian. We do, however, use a shared kitchen that comes in contact with dairy, soy, gluten, nuts, and other meat products.